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Thursday, January 3


Hey Loves, hope you guys are doing well and have had a wonderful holiday. As the new year begins, we are all trying our best to stay motivated and accomplish our new year resolutions, but sometimes things don't go as planned and we oftentimes give up before two months in the new year. I thought maybe, it will be a good idea if I share what motivates me daily. People oftentimes asked me how I get motivated, how I handle life.  My life is not all glitter and gold and to be fair, nobody's life is glitter and gold, even rich people have their own skeletons in their closet. You see life has a way to surprise us all, if you think you've been through it all, you haven't, as long as you're living, you'll face challenges in life and all those challenges teaches us great life lessons. When life chooses to teach me some lesson, there are a few things that keep me going through these difficult times and which keep me focused on what I want to achieve in life.


I don't want to give up on myself or my goals, every time I see myself trying to give up, I always think about my goals. I always think of the things that I want to become and archive in life, I keep going, I never stop. The awful thing you can do to yourself is giving up on your dreams and goals. There will be traffic tickets, office projects, fights with your partner, visits to the ER, calls from school and a thousand other obstacles that will get in your way. Don’t fall prey to temptations. Know that life is going to come down hard on you as soon as you set your goals. Be prepared, don’t quit, keep moving.


Every time I log on Facebook and if a short clip that is very motivational shows up, I watch it and have a moment of silence to think about what that motivational speaker taught me, I sometimes write it in my phone and other times I just save the video for later on. Youtube is a goldmine for motivational stories and speeches, I watch everything as long as its something that will give me this chill in my belly afterward.


I grew up in a home with my mum taking care of me and my siblings with no help from anyone. She even took care of my dad's other children and treated them as she treated us. Growing up seeing my mum going through hard times to take care of us and at the same time never giving up on us, taught me a lot. When I'm down and want to give up on myself, my mum motivate me, she will tell me to look at how far I've come, she will tell me to be myself and stand tall. Hearing her voice warm me up and make me stronger. Talking to my mum makes me want to do better and make her proud, so she is my greatest motivation. Making her proud is one of the things that keeps me going.

                                                                                                Hope you guys have a a wonderful new year xoxo. Afrodanegirl.
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