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Monday, January 9


New year, new me.....Nah same me, but with lots of lessons from 2016.

2016 was my year, my blessings were abundant, got to work with great companies, became a model for some,  I had time to know who I am and what I want in life,  grew up mentally and physically. 2016 taught me great life lessons that I will be taking with me in this new year, and I hope you guys find it inspiring as well.

1. This year I learned that we are our own hero, no matter how difficult our life seems, no one will save us from our difficulties except us.

2. I learned that listening to other people's problems and what they did to solve those problems, helps me a lot on how I could handle my own problems.

3. This year taught me that having many friends shouldn't be your priorities in life, Stick to the loyal ones, those who you can call when you need help, and they will be there for you. (Shout out to Regina).

4. I learned to say exactly how I felt and not feel bad about it. Because looking someone in the eyes and telling them you care, that’s what this life is about and hoping and praying to God they feel the same way.

5. It taught me to never settle, and it gave me strength to walk away in the moments I did.

6. I learned to have strength in moments I feel weak and have faith when I’m confused.

7. This year taught me that, no matter how difficult things might be in your life, there are always better days ahead and we shouldn't give up, we should wait for those better days.

So as we enter this new year, everyone makes new year resolutions, I don't want to make any resolutions, I just want to learn lessons and strive in bettering myself.

My only resolution is to never stop focusing on my goals.

With my sister and best friend by my side, 2017 will be LIT.

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